Handmade Nautical dog leashes & collars for all size dogs

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Two dogs - One leash!
Grab a handle on them both

Standard length; 3 x 3ft sections (6ft overall)

Coordinating nautical collars

Solid bronze rings for leash and tag attachment

Made to order

Each Fair Lead is hand crafted in Rhode Island by a world cruising sailor and made with 100% marine grade materials. 
​"...because every dog deserves a Fair Lead."T.T.

Choose from existing designs or commission a special piece to suit your taste. 

THE FAIR LEAD is a protected trademark. ​Copyright. The Fair Lead. All rights reserved. 



Double strand marine grade rope 

Solid bronze hardware

5ft standard lenght

​7/16" standard thickness rope

3-strand marine grade rope 

Hand stitched leather handle

Useful bronze ring

Solid bronze hardware

5ft standard length

1/2" standard thickness rope

The Fair Lead