​Top Ten Reasons to Own a Fair Lead:

10) Made of durable marine grade materials to stand up to the toughest Nor'easter, hurricane or ravenous pooch.

9) Comfortable leather to keep a handle on your dog.

8) All Classic leashes have a minimum breaking strength of 3,300lbs (to 7,000lbs), not even your dog can pull that hard!

7) Doubles as an emergency preventer or sail tie.

6) Available in a range of colors to suit any dog, and coordinating collars

5) Great customer service and great reviews

​4) 1% of profits will be donated to the A.S.P.C.A

3) Costs less than a trip to the vet - great value handmade products: $36-60 all with FREE SHIPPING to mainland USA and Canada

2) Hand made in the USA with locally sourced and produced materials

1) A great lead for a fair price.

Jessica Wurzbacher is a Marine Scientist, Sailor, Conservationist, and Marlinspike Artist, originally from Cambridge, England. After 10 years of global travel and 40,000 nautical miles of round-the-world sailing, Jessica landed ashore in Rhode Island with her husband and Cadbury, their crazy chocolate lab. Fair Leads were inspired by a love for sailing, for animals, and for unique high quality products that are pure in form and simple in function.

What's in a name?

Taken most literally, the name "The Fair Lead" would make most sense to an English Sailor, a great connection to my background, however the Fairness runs deeper. My leashes are Fair in many ways, I pride myself on a Fair price, and my "Eco" line is also Fair for the environment too. The robustness and tangle-free design keeps the line Fair. It is certainly Fair to let your salty dog express his nautical style, and after all, every dog deserves a Fair lead.

Fair Lead: (Nautical) A device to guide a rope, line or cable to keep it clear of obstructions, prevent chafing or maintain it at an angle 
​Lead: (Nautical) The direction in which a line runs 
Dog Lead (UK): A dog "leash" (USA)
THE FAIR LEAD is a protected trademark. ​Copyright. The Fair Lead. All rights reserved. 

The Fair Lead

Handmade Nautical dog leashes & collars for all size dogs